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The Stationery Butt

Keep your desk tidy and neat. No butts!

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SKU: 1931

Have you ever been so flat out at work that you couldn’t even find time to go to the toilet? Then spare a thought for this little fella! The Stationery Butt is the space saving (and rather hilarious) stationery receptacle that’s there whenever you need him – either for sticky tape, paper clips or just a laugh!

Not only will the Stationery Butt hold and dispense your sticky tape, BUT while he’s at it, slip your pen in his mouth to hold onto so you don’t lose it…and while he’s at that, he’ll also take care of your business cards, phone messages, note pad and spare writing implements on the back of the pedestal. As if that’s not enough, if you need a paperclip, just lift him up and he’ll pull them right out of his…um, you get the picture.

Personalise your workspace with The Stationery Butt, or give him as a Secret Santa to someone you think could use some cheering up. There’s no way anyone can make off with your stationery undetected again (unless of course, you order one for everyone)!

If you’ve ever been asked to take on a task while you’re in the middle of five others and you’ve resisted the urge to say “hang on, I’ll just insert this broom in my behind so I can sweep the floor while I’m at it!”, then the Stationery Butt is for you!


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Product dimensions: 6.6(H) x 15.3(W) x 15.9(D) cm / 2.6(H) x 6(W) 6.3(D) inches.

Product features:

  • Complete storage utility that functions as a novelty pen holder, tape dispenser and cutter and paper clip magnet!
  • Holds all common, everyday stationery needs.
  • Space-saving.