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Retro Ashtrays

Elvis Presley type Ashtrays for your Cigars & Cigarettes

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SKU: 6720

The last time you saw these kinds of ashtrays was probably when a bag of lollies went for 2 cents and your grand parent’s new house featured a then fashionable lime-green kitchen bench top supporting an ugly box called a microwave oven.

These Retro Ashtrays will help you remember the simpler times of grand dad sitting on his rocking chair with cigar in hand and smoking being accepted anywhere and everywhere.

Have a couple of them scattered around the house or include them as part of your prized collection of old school memorabilia. Either way, these ashtrays are sure to get at the nostalgic grey cells of smokers and non-smokers alike.

Smoking may be what these ashtrays were about, but we find they work equally well storing all manner of items from loose change to paper clips.

Whether it be to fondly bring back memories of the past, or add to your growing retro collection, getting your hands on these retro treats before they really do become a thing of the past is highly recommended.


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Retro Ashtrays are made out of tin, have a glossy smooth finish and are approximately 40g and 140 x 140 x 20mm in weight and size respectively.

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