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iPod Boom Box

Docking speaker station for your iPod.

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SKU: 2328

Any wonder why your iPod feels you take it for granted? You only give it attention when you’re on the bus, on the street or on the train.

How would you feel if most of your life was spent in a pocket, hidden from the world like a guilty little secret that works tirelessly to give its master hours of listening pleasure?

Well now you’ve got every reason to show off your iPod. The iPod Boom Box is just the thing to max your iPod’s functionality and get it out in the open.

The iPod Boom Box produces hi-fi quality sound from a combination of sub-woofers and dynamic tweeter speakers, all controlled with a simple infrared remote control.

Simply slot in your iPod Video, Mini or Nano, hook the speakers up to the supplied AC mains adaptor (or use 6 x AA batteries), then press play.

The streamlined design of this iPod accessory looks minimalist and stylish and the fact that it recharges your iPod as you play, means it’ll be juiced for its next outing. Better still, mount the iPod Boom Box on the wall of your office, or give it pride of place in your lounge or bedroom.


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The iPod Boom Box has a digital high efficient class D amplifier, includes a secondary jack to attach any media player with a 3.5mm jack, comes complete with an infrared remote control, features a built-in dock for iPod charging, operates from either an AC adaptor (included) or 6 x AA Batteries (not included) and measures about 230 x 55 x 150mm in size.