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Predator R/C Speed Boat

Twin-Propeller Electric Remote Control Racing Boat

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SKU: 2618

If you have a fear for things that go fast then the Predator R/C Speed Boat isn’t for you. On the other hand, if things that skim the water at blistering speeds tend to excite you, then you’ll probably find this rechargeable remote control RC boat right up your alley.

OK, so a petrol boat will probably go faster, but it’ll make a hell of a lot more noise, require endless hours of maintenance, throw out awful smelling fumes and guzzle fuel like there’s no tomorrow.

This RC speed boat, on the other hand, includes a high capacity rechargeable battery pack and quick battery charger for endless hours of hassle free fun. What makes the Predator cut through water like a hot knife through butter though?

A number of things – firstly, the Predator’s hull incorporates spear like aerodynamics – you can tell just by looking at it. Secondly, the boat design utilises differential thrust (in techno speak, a vector push design), rather than the common rudder system for steering. Thirdly, this RC boat employs two professional large torsion propellers to generate huge thrust, without any loss of durability. Finally, two high speed racing motors (type 380) are used to drive each propeller, the last vital ingredients in this blazingly fast water craft.

Combine all these high speed attributes with the Predator R/C Speed Boat’s ultra-chic styling and now, there’s every reason to show off at your local waterway practising those jet-ski like turns.


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Product package dimensions: 12(H) x 69(W) x 15(D) cm / 6.7(H) x 27(W) x 6(D) inches.

The Predator R/C Speed Boat comes complete with a:

  • pre-assembled boat hull with durable 100% metal actuating RC mechanism,
  • 9.6V Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack,
  • mains powered rapid battery charger,
  • 40m range RC transmitter unit,
  • 2 x spare propellers (including securing screws and hex wrench); and
  • illustrated operating instructions.

The included RC transmitter for the Predator Speed Boat allows you to stop and control the craft forwards, left and right only (backwards motion is not possible). Steering is by differential propeller thrust – the Predator does not have a rudder system. 8 x AA alkaline batteries (not included) are required for the RC transmitter unit.

This electric boat is not intended to be used over rough water. The Predator performs best over large open areas of flat water with no surface debris. Operating the Predator over wavy conditions will increase the likelihood of the boat hull over-turning, not only making retrieval possibly a problem, but increasing the chance of damage to the craft. Before operating the Predator in open water, please check for any surface debris that could potentially damage its two propellers. To maximise the speed of the Predator RC boat over water, minor maintenance, such as oiling each propeller shaft is required.

3-4 hours is required to fully charge the included 9.6V Ni-MH battery pack before first use – this will provide up to 20 minutes of continuous boating, after which the battery pack will need re-charging with the included AC adapter charger. We do not recommend allowing your battery pack to completely drain while your boat is in open water.

  • Recommended for ages 12 and up.
  • Operating frequency: 40MHz.
  • Length: 515mm (including twin-propellers).

Please note: This product is not for children under 3 years of age as some parts represent a choking hazard. Do not put anything near the propellers while spinning – these high speed propellers can and will injure fingers, hands etc. For your safety, please use the Predator’s power off switch whenever the boat hull is not in water. Batteries should not be recharged beyond the recommended time frame.