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Power Popper

Shoots harmless foam balls in quick succession.

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Running around playing ‘war’ and shooting at your friends with toy guns might be a bit frowned on in this day and age, but let’s face it – its fun! It’s even better when you’re actually shooting something at them! But you’ve got to make sure this is safe, whether it’s for kids or for office battles. Now there’s a safe and fun way to blast your friends and workmates – the Power Popper.

Power Popper

Capable of shooting twelve soft foam balls in rapid succession, which won’t hurt when they hit, the Power Popper is ideal for action games both indoors or outside.

Powered by compressed air, a pump-action handle is slid back and forth to build up pressure and then send the foam balls flying up to a range of twenty feet. The faster you pump, the further and faster the balls fly out!

Perfect for blowing off some steam in the office when the boss isn’t around, if everyone keeps one under their desk, lunchtimes could turn into impromptu gunfighter tournaments, with the bonus that no one gets hurt, and no windows get broken!

But if you don’t feel like a gun-fight, it’s a perfect choice of weapon to test target shooting skills too. Why not set up a target and see who can hit it most accurately with all the balls in the least amount of time?

An added safety bonus is that it looks nothing like a real gun, so you won’t scare the neighbours! With twelve foam balls included the Power Popper is an exciting and safe way to test your shooting skills!


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Product dimensions: 15(H) x 40(W) x 4(D) cm / 5.9(H) x 15.7(W) x 1.6(D) inches.

The Power Popper uses air to shoot out soft foam balls up to 6 metres. The quicker you pump, the faster and further you shoot.

Each set contains 1 x air gun and 12 x soft foam balls. Safe for both indoor and outdoor play.

Note: Not suitable for children under 3. Contains small parts which may constitute a choking hazard.