PJ Masks On The Go Romeos Lab

  • Catboy can surprise Romeo by climbing into his lair through the window and down the ladder. Pounce to spoil Romeo’s plans by launching Catboy from the platform, but be careful not to land in Romeo’s shrink machine. Shrink Catboy by pressing down on the top of Romeo’s shrink machine. Romeo can control his inventions from his command center on the second floor. When kids are done playing out PJ Masks adventures, they can pack up their figures, close the playset, and take it on the go with them! The perfect playset for every PJ Masks fan! The PJ Masks Nighttime Micro’s Romeo’s Lair Playset includes Romeo’s Lair, one Nighttime Micro’s Catboy figure, one Nighttime Micro’s Romeo figure, 3 barrels, one ladder, and one launcher.


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