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PI Mathematical Geek T-Shirt

Simple as Pi!

  • Unisex black t-shirt with white pi symbol
  • The fine print in the large pi symbol features the numerical value of pi!
  • Fits both men and women in sizes XS to XXL
  • Fun geek gift for a mathematician!



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Whether you can only remember the first couple of numbers or can amaze friends and family with your feats of recall, pi (or 3.1459 as we commonly know it) is a pretty important number that we cannot live without. Celebrate pi in all its glory with this epic black and white t-shirt featuring fine print of the iconic digits to many, many decimal places (we haven’t counted them, but you are more than welcome to do that when you’re wearing yours!). The smaller digits make up the larger white Pi symbol across the chest.

In case it’s been a while since you were in a maths class, pi is a mathematical constant represented by the Greek symbol “π”. The number is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and being an irrational number, the digits of pi go on and on into apparent infinity without ever repeating, so as well as being helpful in all sorts of ways, pi is also pretty outstanding as numbers go!

Our pi t-shirt comes in an easy to wear black cotton with white design which is easy to match with jeans, shorts, skirts in a wide range of unisex sizes and is therefore a safe choice to give as a gift or to keep for yourself for comfortable casual attire. Order several and give them to all your geeky friends! They make superb gifts for anyone that enjoys the intellectual things in life and a pi shirt will make a great “any occasion” gift.


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Product features:

  • Men’s Size Small/Ladies Size 10: chest 53cm, length 66cm
  • Men’s Size Medium/Ladies Size 12: chest 55cm, length 67cm
  • Men’s Size Large/Ladies Size 14: chest 58cm, length 69cm
  • Men’s Size Extra Large/Ladies Size 16: chest 60cm, length 72cm
  • Men’s Size XXL/Ladies Size 18+: chest 64cm, length 76cm
  • Machine Wash cold, hang to dry. Iron on reverse side on cool setting and avoid ironing the design