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Dog & Cat Sofa Couch Protector

Furniture without the fur!

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SKU: 13996

With pets and progeny, it’s always one doggone accident or catastrophe after another, and always on your ottoman. So rather than be petty about it, why not simply couch your terms – the Dog & Cat Sofa Couch Protector? After all, it’s easier to throw it over your upholstery or into the wash than to throw a fit, n’est-ce paw?

This all-encompassing antimacassar has your upholstery covered in all the right places for paws and claws, no matter how small or large the divan – or the mishap, for that matter. Its beige is dark enough to camouflage any grime (so you don’t have to be petulant / anal) but neutral enough to blend in with the rest of your living room. What’s more, the slipcover’s ample padding thirstily absorbs any minor spills or leaks, lending as much protection and durability to your sofa as texture and comfort.

Whether you want to take your couch from ratty to catty or to simply preserve your heirloom without the hair, make a stylish blanket statement with this sensible, sofa-saving solution.

(Makes a great gift for maw & paw!)


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  • Dimensions: 279(L) x 179(W) cm
  • Colour: beige