Travel and Car Gadgets & Accessories

Whether you’re on the daily commute or working your way around the world with a backpack, LatestBuy has come up with some delightfully simple but incredibly useful gadgets and accessories to make your journey run smoothly. From chargers to travel beauty, browse our extensive range of gifts in this guide.

Travel and Car Gadgets & Accessories

Power Up Your Journey

There's nothing worse than travelling all the way to an incredible viewpoint, awesome festival, or important meeting and hearing the dreaded low battery beep on your phone or camera. But crouching by a random plug socket to grasp for those tiny percentages of battery boost is just not cool. So be prepared and kit yourself out with one of these travel chargers and spare batteries, to put you in charge of your devices whether you're in the car or out in the wild.

Food On The Go

We all love the occasional McDonalds, coffee to go or meal deal, but boy can feeding and hydrating yourself get expensive when you're always on the move. Cut the cost of food and drink without compromising on the things you love by investing in a quality food or drink flask that will keep the temperature and taste locked in for hours like the Vino2Go portable wine glass. And most of them will fit in your vehicle's cup holder too!

A World of Ideas for Round the World Use

Wherever you're heading on your next journey, a browse of this gift guide will help you to pick out some must-have gadgets and accessories for your luggage. From entertainment and book accessories for the journey, to those home comforts that will help you to get a good night's kip, we've searched the globe for the best travel and car essentials that will give you a little star treatment on your travels.

Whether you're a busy commuter or an experienced globe trotter, you're sure to find something that will improve your journey in our gift guide below. You might even discover an invention that you never knew you needed, and wont' be able to travel without after giving it a try!