Cool Pool and Beach Gear & Accessories

Dive into some great deals and make a day by the pool or beach even more perfect by investing in these awesome gadgets, accessories and games from LatestBuy.

Golden Gifts for Beach Bums

We've all got that one friend who would rather be working on their tan or chilling by the pool rather than doing homework, house work, or any work for that matter. And even the workaholics in your life need a break some of the time. From summer dining with innovative gifts for the BBQ fanatic to water based fun for the kids, we've thought of everything here at LatestBuy. Take a look below and see for yourself!

Hot Summer Inventions

Whilst we all love a hot summer's day, there are a few minor details that could be improved if you were to have a word with the weather man. There's nothing nice about warm wine, which is why we've got some great inventions for keeping your drinks cool like the Vino2Go from Australia.

Meanwhile, why can't gadgets all be waterproof? Thankfully we've got that covered too with some useful technology savers such as Bluetooth speakers. So that nothing gets in the way of your fun in the sun... except clouds. We can't do anything about them, sorry.

Splash About Without Splashing Out

Pool and beach presents make a great gift idea for that special someone who loves being outdoors, and a perfect house warming gift if you know someone whose new pad has a pool. You don't even need to flash the cash either, as you can sort the gifts below by the cheapest first or last depending on your budget. The only hard part will be choosing from our awesome range of gifts....and resisting the urge to treat yourself! But that's okay, you probably deserve something too, right? One for me, one for you and all that.

Jump into some great summer offers and make your pool party or day at the beach even better with a few accessories, gifts and gadgets from LatestBuy. We've scoured the world for the best inventions and gift ideas, so all you have to do is search our gifts to find the right one for you and there are even more ideas for outdoor fun starting with camping gear.