Host your own Weather Station

Are you tired of hearing the weather man get the weekend forecast wrong all the time? Think you could do a better job? These fantastic weather stations will set you up with all the facts you need to forecast the rain, shine and temperatures ahead.

Host your own Weather Station

Make the Weather a Hot Topic

Whether you're planning a BBQ at the weekend or want to know if your plants need bringing in from the cold, our cool range of weather stations have accurate features that can fuel your forecasts. So don't just talk about how humid it was today, or hot it felt, get your facts bang on target and your mates will be in awe at your knowledge of the weather. If you don't want to share your secret, we won't tell them either!

Unique Weather Stations for every Room

Wake up in the morning with the forecast for the day ahead with a digital alarm clock that reads the weather as well as the time. Or perhaps you want a full on weather station with outdoor sensors and a digital display for to-the-minute readings of the temperature and wind speeds? However high tech you want to go, the sky's the limit with LatestBuy!

Although each of our weather devices is unique, some of the things that you can measure with these gadgets include rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, windfall, wind speed, wind chill, temperature, UV strength and more. So whether you want to check the winds before a day of sailing or you want to work out if a sunny day warrants a layer of sun screen, they are a great investment for geeks and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Traditional vs Futuristic

Weather devices have come a long way over the past few decades, but that doesn't mean you need to move with the times...unless you want to! We've got a great selection of retro and modern stations to suit any requirements or preferences. From budget barometers to high-tech gadgets, you're sure to find the perfect forecasting solution.

Don't just fall victim to the weather fronts as they happen, be prepared for those beach days and gardening routines with a weather station that will put you in the loop of the latest developments in the air.