One of a Kind Cups and Mugs

Never let a colleague mistake your cup as their own again by upgrading your boring old mug to a unique design from Latest Buy. From high-tech flasks to novelty mugs, browse below to find some mugging brilliant drinking vessels.

Make a Mug Out of Them

From collectible cups to novelty mugs, Latest Buy puts the 'eeeeee' in coffee and tea breaks. Whether you're looking for a mug that completely captures your mate's humour or interests, or you want a funny mug that will put the joke on them for once, they make great gifts for corporate workers. So don't spend your lunch break pondering over the work that you're putting off, put a smile on your face by taking a sip out of one of these funny mugs available like the Thermos flask from Adelaide.

Fancy Flasks for the Journey

When you're not within a 5 minute radius of a kettle, you want to rest easy in the knowledge that you've got your favourite beverage close to hand. A flask is an essential investment for anyone with a busy lifestyle, but don't settle for a second rate flask that spills on the move and cools down faster than you can get around to drinking it. We've got a quality range of Thermos, Avanti flasks, Vino2Go and food jars that will transport not only drinks, but your hot meals from A to B too.

Unique Cups and Mugs

Although we love a good gag and we're pretty proud of our novelty mug selection, it's not all about fun and games at the Latest Buy HQ. Below you'll also find some innovative solutions for cups and mugs such as shatterproof outdoor glassware and double wall insulated mugs, that will provide a superior drinking vessels for the office and your home.

Dive into the world of drinking vessels and see just how fun and unique these essential items can be. So do your tea, coffee, wine or juice justice by investing in a quality cup or mug with a splash of novelty. Buy for the next birthday on the calendar or simply treat yourself to a little pat on the back with a personal present.