Computer & USB Accessories

‘Love’ might be a bit of a strong word, but our laptops and computers sure do make our lives run a whole lot smoother. So if you don’t think you need to treat yourself, at least think about how much your computer deserves a reward when browsing this collection of computer and USB accessories…

Novelty USB Gadgets

Since the dawn of laptops and computers, man is no longer restricted to the plug sockets in a room when wanting to use his gadgets and electronics. The nifty USB port is small but mighty, and you can do a whole lot more than simply charge your camera or connect a USB stick these days. Almost everyone has a computer, which is why USB gadgets make great novelty gifts for the office if you want to boost your co-worker's or highflying partner's day.

Organise your electronics

Everything seems to be attached to a plug socket or wire these days, and those winding cables can soon get caught up in a tangle. But don't get your knickers in a twist, invest in a powerboard, hub or adaptor that will keep your electronics organised, whilst protecting them from surges. Need to charge your devices on the move? We've also got travel and car adaptors to keep you juiced on the journey.

Gadgets for the Digital Age

Technology is always changing and it can be hard to keep up with the evolution of the way we listen to music, watch films or store our media. So if you've got a box full of redundant vinyl, CDs, cassettes or videos, find some easy to use media conversion devices that will give those family clips and favourite tunes a new lease of life. Alternatively, if you've just discovered the beauty of gadgets such as tablets, smartphones and e-readers, we've got some awesome accessories for them too.

Pimp out your computer and devices with some great USB accessories and essentials, that will organise your electronics and show how tech savvy you can be. Whether you're at work, on the move or moving into the 21st century with your devices, browse our gadgets for geeks and computer and USB accessories below.