Camera & Photo Frame Gifts

From family photos to funny selfies, we can’t get enough of our cameras. But what use are all those epic photos doing in a draw or stored on your computer, when they could brighten up your day out on display? Let’s sort this out once and for all with some of these camera and photo gifts from LatestBuy.

Fun Photos of Family and Friends

You could probably cover every inch of the house with photos if you were to put all of your favourite photos on display, but why not compromise with a few funky frames for your mantelpiece and fridge? You can always rotate the photos on display depending on your mood...or when those annoying relatives pop round and you need to keep up appearances! We've got some unique photo frames that are perfect for snap-happy people that want to remember the good times.

Sentimental Photo Frames

We love a well-timed photo or a collage as much as the next person, but some pictures deserve a special status so that you can treasure those big occasions for years to come. That's why we've got some specialised photo frames that make bespoke presents for Christenings and baptisms, as well as other that you can create a personalised keepsake for that tiny tot that they will keep for a lifetime.

Go Undercover as a Spy

If you'd rather be out capturing the moments than displaying them, then we've got some unique cameras and even spy equipment that are perfect gifts for techno junkies. Find out who has been sneaking around your room or hiding the remote control with some of our discreet video and audio recording equipment. Or perhaps you just want to take a funny video or nice photo with some of our gadgets!

They say a picture paints a thousand words, well in any case it can certainly put a smile on your face when you need a boost on that busy day! Don't let those photos gather dust in a drawer, get them out on display with a photo frame from LatestBuy. Or capture new moments with our camera equipment instead!