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Selector Mug

Getting the right coffee or tea is as easy as selecting 1-2-3!

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You’re hard at work in the office – or slaving away at home – and then, you hear the voice of an angel from on high “Anyone want a cuppa?!” Bless their little coffee-making hearts! And since they’re making it easier for you – why don’t you make it easier for them. Instead of them having to worry about who drinks what with what – just hand them your Selector Mug with your order on the side!

The Selector Mug allows you to put whatever you want “in” it – “on” it!

What’ll it be? Coffee, Tea, Chocolate or Herbal? And would that be with milk or without, with lemon or with cream? Just slide the stainless steel ring to reveal your preference. The bottom ring lets you choose your level of sugar – from 0 to 3 sugars. Unfortunately there’s no selection that says “I’m sweet enough as it is” (for those witty beggars who like to trot out that old chestnut!”).

No more wasting time at conferences and in meetings, the Selector Mug is an Executive Assistant’s dream come true. No more interrupting – they just set their order on their mug and get on with what they’re being paid the big bucks for! (While you palm off the job of making it all to the office junior!)

It’s a great Secret Santa gift for the office and a wonderful way to give someone the hint that it’s their turn to get the coffees. There’s no need to say a word, just hand them the Selector Mug and let it say it for you!

The Selector Mug – it can’t make you a skinny double-shot latte decaf – but it does make a great gift!


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Each Selector Mug is made from ceramic and features three removable stainless steel sliding “selector” bands.

The selector bands allow you to select:1. drink type (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, herb tea),2. additives (milk, no milk, lemon, cream); and 3. amount of sugar (0, 1, 2, 3).

Please note: This item is NOT dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand.