Mother’s Day Cards

Mother's Day Cards

4 Tips on how to write Mother’s Day Cards

People have a hard time trying to express what they feel to their mum. This is probably due to the passing of time without even holding a proper conversation with her. On this special occasion, give her a Mother’s Day card! If you have a hard time putting your feelings into words, write it. Through writing, you can thoughtfully express exactly what you want to say without time constraints. She could also open it anytime she wants to read it again. But the question is, how to effectively write Mother’s Day cards?

Here are tips on how to write Mother’s Day cards.

1. Show some appreciation

One has to put in deep thought the things they’re about to write in their Mother’s Day cards. You can start by telling her how grateful you are. Thank her for being able to put up with you. And for shaping you into who you are now. You have no idea how she stood by you from the moment you were born, through tears and hardships. She has definitely done a lot for you. Therefore, on this special occasion, make sure you let her know how thankful you are for her unconditional love and endless support.

2. Praise her

Tell your mum her good qualities. Is she smart? Thoughtful? Or Caring? Whoever and whatever she is, tell her that you love her for who she is. Bad and good qualities alike. Then praise her efforts and achievements in life, no matter how big or small that they didn’t go unnoticed. And most especially, tell her why she is special and why she stands above the others on this special occasion. And finally, express your personal feelings and interactions with her to show her how bonded you are together.

3. Acknowledge what you’ve learned from her

Your mum is your ultimate teacher. She thought you how to walk, talk and even write! Writing Mother’s Day cards should be easy enough for you. Afterall, she might’ve given you some pointers in this task along the way too as well as pretty much everything. In the first place, behind every man’s success is a woman. And for the most part, that’s mum. So, thank her for teaching you the right ideals and values that led you to your success. Let her know that all the hard work and nurturing she’s put up to is all worth it. That she moulded you to be an independent human being. Acknowledgment through Mother’s Day cards is truly special. She’d be really grateful to know that her influence has guided you to the right path, making her feel happy and contented.

4. Don’t go overboard with Mother’s Day cards

Having taken care of you for so many years, she definitely knows you very well. She’ll immediately find out when you’re trying hard to be flowery or sentimental, when in fact you’re not. Therefore, don’t ever go overboard with Mother’s Day cards. Just be honest about how you feel and reflect it in your letter. Because she will know if it is authentic. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Just a few lines would do if it is expressed heartily. No matter how simple it is, she will definitely feel loved and appreciated.

Interesting gifts to come along with your Mother’s Day cards:

It’s not a requirement. But since you are writing her cards. Then you might as well tag some gifts along. So, here are a few gifts we can recommend.

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 3.  Ceramic Dragonfly Water Fountain

Ceramic Dragonfly Water Fountain - Mother's Day Cards
Does she fancy flowers and gardens? If you want her to bloom in happiness, then gift her with our ceramic dragonfly water fountain. No need to fuss, its water loop system is very easy to set up! Along with its vibrant colours and unique flower-dragonfly design, it’d be sure to leave her in awe.

And after pondering for a while, you should’ve realised how lucky you are to have her as your mum. To have someone to celebrate this Mother’s Day. If you feel awkward putting into words what you feel, then these tips should do the trick for you. You may print it on a card or have it handwritten all by yourself. Even if your handwriting is hard to decode, nevertheless, she would surely love to receive a card from you.

Want her to experience a sentimental Mother’s day?

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