Mother’s Day Australia

Mother's Day Australia

Celebrating Mother’s Day Australia : Facts and Gifts

Most holidays are just simply adaptation to some country’s culture. Factors such as colonisation and trade brought us holidays adapted and celebrated all over the world. But one interesting fact about Mother’s Day Australia is that it wasn’t trade or colonisation that brought it to the country. It was 1924 when Janet Heyden started the tradition of honouring mums during this special day. She was a resident of Leichhardt, Sydney. Her sole purpose was to cheer up the many lonely and forgotten mothers at Newington State Home for Women. She collected donations from local school children and businesses and bought them gifts. This simple act of kindness became a yearly brigade and received increasing support from local enterprises and even the local mayor.

People continued the tradition until today. Every second Sunday of May became Mother’s Day Australia. The rest of the country are honouring mums. People give flowers, gifts, chocolates and cards to their mums and mother figures.

Carnation became a symbol for Mother’s Day. This was inspired by Anna Jervis, another woman from West Virginia, she is believed to have sent white carnations for a Mother’s Day Memorial on May 10, 1908.

Care to know more about Mother’s Day facts?

Here are a few you might enjoy…

  • Rhea is the goddess of female fertility, motherhood and generation.  Mother to the deities. People honoured her by celebrating Spring Festivals.
  • White Carnations are conventionally given to Mums who passed away, Pink and Red Carnations are for mums that are still living.
  • Majority of the world’s many different languages, most words for “Mother” starts with letter “M”.
  • There was a tradition at a place formerly known as Yugoslavia, where children would tie their mums and would only set them free in exchange for treats.
  • A legend tells of a story about the flower carnation growing from the tears of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Christ, as she wept on Jesus’ feet during his crucifixion.
  • Mother’s Day has been adapted and celebrated to over 50 countries all over the world.

Mums are truly special. Personally, as a child my own interpretation to Bob Marley’s hit “No Woman, no Cry” was that, without mums none of us will be born. And procreation will be impossible. I don’t know why I thought of it that way, but maybe because babies cry at birth letting mums and the rest of the people know that they are alive, and the labour was successful.

Nonetheless, being that crying baby that your mum brought to this world, it is therefore more than an obligation for you to make her smile this Mother’s Day. You can take her to dinner, picnics, parties etc. But none of those will be complete without any gifts at hand. So, check out some of these gift ideas. You may not get the feel on some of them. But they might just help jump start your mind’s engine. And help you find the perfect gift for mum this Mother’s Day Australia.

Gifts that you might like…

#1. LED Night Light Sensor

LED Night Light Sensor - Mother’s Day Australia

Is an economical and automatic night light. It turns on as soon as the rest of the lights in the house is turned off. Its only purpose is if mum strolls in the night to pee or get water. It can be heaps for her to look for the switch when it’s already dark. Gladly, this LED Night Light Sensor will give sufficient light to guide her way in the night.

#2. Avanti Jumbo Pasta Drying Rack

Avanti Jumbo Pasta Drying Rack - Mother’s Day Australia
Mum can easily hand the pasta noodles now and fetch it when she’s ready to mix the sauce. This is perfect for any other noodle products. It is very convenient and handy.

#3. Telescopic Backscratcher

LED Night Light Sensor - Mother’s Day Australia
Give mum access to that itchy annoying spot on her back. This Telescopic Backscratcher can now scratch her back on your behalf. You can be away now, and she can get use to it.

#4. Book Safe

Book Safe - Mother’s Day Australia
Perfect for any important and highly classified items that mums want to keep. It’s a perfect disguise and a regular observer would think that it is just a regular book or a plastic book decoration.

#5. Vintage LED Hurricane Lantern

Vintage LED Hurricane Lantern - Mother’s Day Australia
A perfect addition to mum’s vintage collection. Especially if she is a collector. This remarkable antique style hurricane gift would let her know how much you care about the things she likes.

We don’t need facts to understand how special is to celebrate Mother’s Day Australia, since Australians have their own sweet and thoughtful ideas in celebrating it. By the same token, you can come up with a cool way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mum too!

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