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Walk ‘n’ Clean Mop Slippers

Makes cleaning as easy as walking.

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SKU: 2482

Well, hello Mr or Mrs Smith! Have you got it all going on, or what? You’re a star in the boardroom, you’re walkin’ the walk, you’re talkin’ the talk…

…but let’s face it, when it comes to your domestic situation, you are seriously time-poor – you need to optimise your recreational resource allocation…you need to improve your domestic hygiene outcomes without adversely impacting your leisure resource distribution. Ok, let’s cut the crap – you need to clean up your act!

Just slip on a pair of Walk ‘n’ Clean Mop Slippers! Forget the expense of a cleaning lady – Mop Slippers are multi-tasking at its finest. When all you wanna do is schlep around the house in your PJs and slippers – you can do it guilt free, knowing that your floors will be all the better for it!

Walk 'n' Clean Mop SlippersOur cleaning slippers are also essential equipment for every savvy bachelor (and bachelorette) – right up there with your mobile, iPod and Blackberry…and damn it, you make these furry little suckers look good!

At 25.5 cm long – these open toe slip-ons are a one-size-fits-all design – and they’re completely machine washable. So when the wood floors, lino and tiles are finished, strip off the Velcro underside and throw ’em straight in the washer!

But hang on a minute – why should you do all the work around here? What about your room mates? Your guests? They’ve all got two feet and a heartbeat, let them slip on a pair and make themselves useful – as they get up to get you another beer!

Cleaning your floors on the go has never been easier…pick up dust, lint, pet hair and so much more without even bending over. Get one today.


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Product dimensions: 25.5 cm long x 10 cm wide / 10 inches long x 3.9 inches wide.

One size only to suit:

  • Female AU/UK 6 – 9 (US 7.5 – 10.5)
  • Male AU/UK 4.5 – 7.5 (US 5 – 8)

Walk ‘n’ Clean Mop Slippers are designed to allow for easy floor cleaning. They feature microfibre soles that lift dust, lint, pet hair and so much more without damaging your floor’s surface.

The microfibre soles are fastened to the bottom of the slipper with Velcro and can be easily removed for cleaning (machine washable – warm or cold).

Walk ‘n’ Clean Mop Slippers make cleaning floor surfaces easy and unlike a traditional mop they require no bending over. These cleaning slippers are washing machine safe, have no hard edges to damage floor surfaces and can be used on wood floors, lino and tiles.