Making A List, Checking It Twice: Gifts for Your Naughty and Nice

Christmas Gift

Family, friends, food…and gifts!

Lots of gifts!

That’s what Christmas is about for millions of people all around the world. Of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if you do – you’re probably wondering what to get for your loved ones this year.

Christmas is just weeks away. Wow!  Just a few more sleeps until Christmas Eve!  Are you getting just a little bit excited yet? Santa is making his list, and you better believe he’s checking it twice! What do you claim to be this year… naughty or nice?

Naughty or Nice, It’s A Surprise!

If Santa is busy checking off his list of naughty and nice in your household, and you’re not sure what category your loved ones will fall into, we have you covered!

Get inspiration from our favourite list of nice but naughty gift ideas. There could be swears! So, cover one eye if you’re the nice type!

MDI Australia Tiny Hands

Horse Head Pillow Case

BigMouth The Big Banana Coffee Mug

Burger Mug

DIY Lava in a Bottle

Tesla Lamp USB Plasma Ball

Christmas gifts don’t need to be too serious. There’s no need to choose between a nice gift or a naughty gift when you can have both! Share a laugh with your loved ones these holidays as we brush ourselves off from a challenging 2021 and look forward to a more normal New Year and Year 2022. 

Whatever your lists look like, come celebrate the holidays with both naughty and nice alike. Who knows? Maybe the nice will rub off on the naughty… or maybe the other way around. 

Don’t be boring this year. Get a gift to make your loved ones smile!

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