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Magic Message Egg

Novelty Message Egg Ideal for Unique Birthday, Thank You & Romantic Gestures

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Magic Message EggWhen you want to say “I Love You”, “Thank You” or “Happy Birthday” in an egg-straordinary way, the Magic Message Egg is egg-sactly what you need. OK, OK, now we’ve cracked the obligatory egg yokes – oops, jokes – let’s get serious. This is the kind of gift that grows on you…literally.

Picture this…You hand them the Magic Message Egg – watching their brain scramble as they think “just what I’ve always wanted – an egg in a can”…They pop the top, give it some water and sunshine – and watch as the magic begins.

Within hours the egg will crack, as the bean emerges inexplicably from it’s shell. Then, within a week, while they’re still wondering how the hell it all happened, the bean germinates to reveal your secret message of love, thanks or birthday greetings…and it’s a message they won’t soon forget – coz they can plant it in the garden!

Now of course – you could have just said it with a card…But think of all the genetic engineers who’d be out of work! Let’s face it, nothing says “I love you” quite like a seed genetically programmed to burst from an egg and germinate with your message! It seems so logical…in fact, now you really think about it, why hadn’t you thought of it before?

Just choose your “I Love You”, “Thank You” or “Happy Birthday” message and your Magic Message Egg will be on it’s way in it’s clear germinator container – just waiting to get “laid” on it’s unsuspecting and not to mention totally dumbfounded recipient.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    It’s happened to the best of us. Mum opens the present you have just placed on her bed, then says: ‘Oh, I saw these in the store and thought…How sweet’. Translation: ‘I saw this in the store and thought…How ridiculous’. How to make up for that Mother’s Day gift bungle? Turn to the internet and find something better to surprise her with later. How about the Talking Rose, which has a built-in microphone. It can record up to six personal messages that go to the tune of three pre-recorded melodies. Now you can literally say ‘I love you’ with flowers. If the rose is too obvious then try the Magic Message Egg. It looks like an egg in a can but pop the lid and, with a little time, water and sunshine, the egg soon cracks and within a week a hidden bean germinates to reveal the secret message. She can then plant the bean in the garden.

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Please note: only “Thinking of You” version available

How to care for your Magic Message Egg:

Magic Message Egg

  1. Open the metal lid and add water into the cup until the water completely covers the egg. Position the Magic Message Egg in a sunny and warm spot (indoors or outdoors). The ideal growing temperature range is 25 – 35 ºC.
  2. The top of the eggshell should start to crack after 1-8 hours. Once this occurs, pour out the water inside the cup.
  3. Water the Magic Message Egg everyday by pouring approximately 25mL of water into the eggshell to keep the bean wet. Please take care not to over water. Your secret message will be revealed in 5-7 days.
  4. The Magic Message Egg can continue to grow for months, but will need something to climb up, such as a bamboo stick…but don’t forget to water as required!

The Magic Message Egg is only available in ‘I Love You’, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Thank You’ greetings.