Kris Kringle or Secret Santa Gift Ideas

No matter what you call it, LatestBuy has you covered this Christmas Gift Season!

Christmas is just a few weeks away, which means that it’s almost time for the usual gift-giving. Whether it’s the good old Secret Santa or the naughty Kris Kringle, we have a lot of gift ideas that may help you on your Christmas shopping, and that you surely won’t like to miss! 

First, the popular Christmas tradition, or alternatively, the one event that most are familiar with, Secret Santa. From heated discussions of the rules and price limit to the detailed plans as to who will be gifting who, this event may test your gifting skills as you will have to gift someone based on the price range set and what gift they would love the most. If you’re looking for some suggestions, here is a list that may give you an idea of what to give:

Galaxy Diamond Glitter Lamp

Looking for a memorable and unique home piece to gift? Check out this edgy diamond-shaped glitter lamp that also has a rainbow gradient glass body filled with glitter that swirls and ripples when lit!

Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Set

It’s not just women who take care of their nails. Men also do some nail grooming in their free time! If your male giftee does take care of their nails (or you’d want them to, who are we to judge), this manicure set for men in a leather effect canvas case is the perfect gift for him, whether it’s your dad, husband or male coworker!

Yes Studio Power Planner

With this year coming to a close, planners for the next year are already available for people to purchase. If you’d like to gift a planner, why not consider this planner? For your perfectionist friend, coworker, or family member, this will keep them pushing through the week with their to-do lists, daily doodles and hourly schedules sections.

Avanti Cafe Press Coffee Plunger

If the person you’ve been assigned to give a gift is a coffee lover, then this is the right gift for them! The heat-proof nylon handle and drip-free easy pour spout will make their whole coffee experience comfortable, clean and seriously stylish – a more upmarket way to serve and enjoy coffee.

Second, the Kris Kringle events! If you don’t want to gift the usual knick-knacks this year, we got your back! See the following list of potential gifts that are unusual but full of thought and humour, surely memorable you can give to your family, coworkers, or friends!

Blah Blah Blah Button

This bright red desk button can make anyone shut up! Your recipient can use this to tell people that they’ve got better things to do!

The Wine Bottle Glass

This is the perfect gift for your favourite wine lover. A wine bottle with a glass on top, this item is perfect for having just one glass of wine at dinner!

Novelty Salt & Pepper Set

If you can gift a salt and pepper shaker set, why not gift the unusual type? This novelty set has designs ranging from burgers and fries duo to a couple “poop” set! With these distinct and memorable designs, these novelty salt and pepper sets can also double as a fun collectible!

Hand Grenade Coffee Mug

Here’s an advice, if you’re going to gift a mug to someone, don’t give the usual plain mug, choose a unique one! Give your giftee this Da Bomb mug! This quirky, grenade-shaped coffee mug wouldn’t explode, but it’s a great unique present to give!

If you haven’t found the perfect Christmas item for your giftee, you can search for the perfect gift through our wide selection of products at our website! Feel free to visit our website with our wide selection of Christmas gift ideas here (and don’t worry, it’s very easy to navigate through).

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