Popular & Unusual Primary School Gifts

Primary school is a rollercoaster ride and it seems like no sooner have you dressed them up for their very first day that they’re towering above the rest of the kids and getting ready for big school. Keeping up with what’s cool as they shoot up and playground crazes come and go can be difficult, which is why LatestBuy brings you everything you need to keep them happy.

Popular & Unusual Primary School Gifts


Baby Gifts & Tiny Tots Toys

Flying Monkey


Baby Gifts & Tiny Tots Toys

Jellycat Bashful Bunny


Back to School Essentials

Before you get onto gifts, accessories and playground crazes, it's time to kit them out with the essentials that they need for school. From lunchboxes online and water bottles to stationery for their pencil case, we have heaps of back to school basics that will have them eager to get into their uniform and at their desks. Or at least make them dread the end of the holidays less anyway!

Brilliant Gift Ideas for Boys & Girls

But we have to admit that some of the products in this gift guide really are too cool for school. So cool, in fact, that only the luckiest boys and girls will get them for their birthday or Christmas presents. Or perhaps for good grades? If your little monster has a wish list and you can't afford a pony just yet, get them a next best thing with one of these popular gifts for kids that are all the rage right now.

Great Educational Gifts

School and fun aren't total enemies though and if you want to bring the two camps back together, then an educational toy and gift are a good way to go. Show them that learning can be fun with some cool construction and crafts gifts and they can pick up a few useful skills and facts during their free time. Ward off any cries of boredom for a few hours!

Whether they're just starting primary school or they have moved onto bigger and better toys and games, find everything you need to be down with the kids in the collection of presents below, including kids toys under $10. We've done our homework, so that you don't have to!