Kids & Baby Gifts

Welcome to the Santa’s grotto of online gifts for kids who have everything. Whether they’ve just entered the world kicking and screaming or they’re doing the same thing being dragged to school (just kid-ding, we know that they’re angels really, right?), we’ve got gift ideas for all ages in this department.

Munchkin Central

What is it about those bashful little babies that makes them so darn cute!? From their big round eyes to their tiny little burbs, everyone is left in awe during a baby's first few months. As they start learning to crawl, walk and talk, it seems they only get even more adorable. From gifts for newborn babies to presents for pre-schoolers, find lots of gifts to teach them about the world and make you say ahhhhh.

Boys vs Girls

If girls are from Venus and men are from Mars, then it's no wonder that girls and boys have such different taste in toys, colours and activities when they're growing up. Well, most of them anyway. If you're looking for some must-have gifts for the kids, then searching by gender can help you to narrow down our huge selection of toys. However we've also got an educational gift guide if you want to give them the gift of knowledge that every boy and girl should have.

Cool Gifts for Teens

Before you know it, that little boy or girl has shot up to become a teenager and it's hard to keep up with the latest trends to be the cool relative that we know you secretly want to be. If you know their wish list, tick the boxes with our huge selection of gifts for teens. However, if you're not sure what they're into, or you want to find them a surprise, this department is bursting with inspiration.

Get down with the kids or make that tiny tot squeal with delight, by choosing the perfect present for every age and occasion from our mega kids and baby department. Pick a category to get browsing and you're sure to find something that's too cool for school.