Instant Alcohol

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Why shop at LatestBuy?

Not only is alcohol costly on the pocket, it can cost you big time the next day – and what do you end up with but an expensive hangover?!

Instant Alcohol gets rids of the cost and the effect, but lets you enjoy the taste! It’s brilliant! All you have to do is pop a few teaspoons in a glass (one teaspoon is the equivalent of one nip) and pour in your favourite mixer and stir! Voila! Instant Alcohol! It’s available in 3 popular spirit flavours – Bourbon, Vodka and Gin! And you don’t have to worry about anyone pinching your drinks from the fridge.

Here’s a little social experiment you might like to try – mix your friends drinks at a party without them knowing you’re using Instant Alcohol (which is completely alcohol free) and see whether the Instant Alcohol has the same affect as the real stuff!

If you’re headed to a party, but have to work the next day or have to drive home, you’ll have the taste of your favourite tipple without the impairment. And you won’t have your mates calling you a party pooper because you’re not drinking.

Of course, Instant Alcohol is only for those over 18 – and we wouldn’t recommend you slip it into your can of coke at work, because even though it doesn’t affect you, it will smell like you’ve been drinking!

With Instant Alcohol you’ve got an instant party!

Product Specification

Product features:

  • Enjoy the taste of your favourite alcoholic drink without any of the side effects
  • 3 incredible flavours to try
  • Comes in an easy to store 400 gram resealable tin
  • Powder dissolves completely in your drink
  • Imported from the USA