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Human Brain Silicone Cooking Mould

Make deliciously gruesome desserts and brain chilling treats!

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SKU: 2275

Ever heard the saying “my brain feels like it’s turned to jelly” – well now you can turn your jelly into brains! The Human Brain Silicone Cooking Mould is a zombie’s dream come true.

Some may find the Human Brain Silicone Cooking Mould just a little bit gruesome – which of course makes it perfect for Halloween. While others, like coroners and med students may find it’s just what the doctor ordered to help you tell the difference between your prefrontal cortex and your basal ganglia!

With a bit of imagination – you could be creating Cranium Cakes with a jam centre to represent a cerebral haemorrhage; conjuring up cadaver ice cream with a different coloured ice cream for each lobe; or, pituitary pudding. You could even take the leftovers to work and say “hey, at least I’ve got half a brain!” (sorry…)

It’s another quirky kitchen utensil to add (or start) your crazy collection of bake ware. A great way to make props for your backyard zombie film. Or a cool gift for anyone who works in mental health! Man, the ideas just keep coming!

So get those synapses firing in the old grey matter and order your fingers to add the Human Brain Silicone Cooking Mould to your shopping cart. We think it’s a stroke of (bizarre) genius!


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Product dimensions: 18 (H) x 22.5 (W) x 7.5 (D) cm / 7 (H) x 8.8 (W) x 2.9 (D) inches.

Product features:

  • Suitable for cakes, jelly and frozen dessert
  • Made from flexible food grade silicone for easy removal and cleaning
  • Fridge, freezer, microwave and oven safe