Top Security Essentials

Get on top of your household security, or become a top secret agent, by investing in some of these unique security essentials from LatestBuy. We’ve got your belongings all locked up, so that you can sleep easy at night.

Keep your things safe

Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to security, don't you think? You can bet your bottom dollar that under the mattress or in the kitchen drawers are going to be the first place that an intruder looks for your special belongings. That's why we've got a great selection of safes and storage boxes in disguise to help you keep your things safe, just in case.

Stealthy Spy Gadgets

If you want to go that step further and catch that sneaky biscuit thief or solve the family mystery, you don't need to hire a secret agent to get to the bottom of the problem. Become your very own spy by investing in some of these stealth gadgets that will capture the evidence you need to take the case home. We've got some discreet but high-tech spy gadgets that are bound to empower your search for justice.

Don't Be Alarmed!

Most thieves and intruders tend to be opportunists, so a few alarms or security lights can nip their plans in the bud and ward them off from your home. Or help you catch them if they do attempt to sneak in! Browse the collection below to find a selection of locks, motion sensor lights and alarms that will keep your home or belongs safe from those pesky criminals.

They might not be the most exciting idea for house warming presents, but you don't want your friend or relative to be a target when they move into a new home. They'll be glad that you were looking out for them if someone ever does attempt a break in!

Step up your security measures with some of these unique gadgets and accessories for your home and office. By investing in these discreet but effective items, you'll be making a fool out of anyone who tried to start a fight with you, not the other way round.