Relaxation & Comfort Essentials

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beach, the water lapping against the shores and your troubles drifting away with the tide. Allow yourself to relax and let yourself slip into a more comfortable state of mind…at LatestBuy, we’re no experts at hypnosis or therapy, but what we do know is that with a little retail therapy from this gift guide you can be unwinding in style in no time!

Relaxation & Comfort Essentials


Cleaning & Storage

Cuisipro Foam Pump


Cleaning & Storage

Sofa Couch Armrest Organiser


Fun & Frivolous

Horse Head Pillow Case


Personal Comfort

Pocket Towel


TGI Friday

You might be cooped up in an office all day, lugging heavy things from one place to another, or simply bogging yourself down with stress from Monday to Friday. But whatever makes you say 'thank god it's Friday', we've got some great relaxation and comfort gifts that can help you unwind when the weekend comes around.

If you're not personally in need of these pamper essentials, then maybe you want to surprise your parent or partner with a little gift to show that you're there for them when things get hectic. From soft and cuddly accessories to massage tools, find lots of pamper and grooming presents below. You're sure to win some brownie points if you give them one of these treats in time for the weekend.

For the Journey

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, journeys can be pretty uncomfortable after a few hours on the move. Trying to rest your head on a windowpane of a moving bus or train is certainly not a good way to get some kip. So make the journey much more pleasant with a few home comforts, that will turn that daily commute into a dreamy few hours of relaxation, or at least help you drift off from the busy, packed environment...

Make your day better

Say goodbye to occupational hazards when reading in the bath, working on the computer or trying to get into that good book on the beach. A few of these gifts may seem trivial at first, but wait until you give them a go and see how much easier they can make work, travelling and your favourite hobbies. You won't look back!

Relax and unwind as you browse through this oh so indulgent gift guide, that offers great inspiration for presents for the whole family, TV offer products and maybe a few tempting personal treats too!