Cool Clocks and Watches

What time is it? Don’t ask us, get yourself a goddamn clock or watch at last and you’ll never be late to work, school or those big social plans again. We’ve got more styles of clocks and watches than an hour glass has sand, so keep your eye on the time with one of these awesome designs.

Cool Clocks and Watches

Don't Be Late!

We feel your pain when it's time to get out of that warm cosy bed in the morning. Leaving those soft sheets and sweet dreams behind can be a painful business, especially if you've got an annoying alarm clock to wake you up every morning. To take the edge off that daily wake up call, we've got a cool collection of alarm clocks that will have you laughing yourself out of bed. So say goodbye to the snooze button and make friends with a novelty clock instead.

Analogue vs Digital

We've not all signed up to the digital revolution just yet. But that's OK, because if you're still a fan of the good old face and hands then we've got some great analogue decor clocks alongside our high-tech digital alarm clocks. So whether you need a smart clock for your desk, a funky wall clock for your home, or something a bit different as a house warming present for someone special, we've got one that will make you tick.

Watch Out

Fair enough, most people have a mobile these days with the time on it. But what about when you're at the gym, or the battery on your phone runs out? Watches are still the boss when it comes to telling the time on the go, so if you need a new one, then watch this space for time-telling accessories.

From futuristic digital clocks jam packed with all sorts of cool extra features, to funky clocks that do their job whilst looking stylish at the same time, we've got a huge selection of gift ideas for telling the time. Whoever you're searching for a present for, our clocks and watches gift guide has something for everyone.