Cleaning and Storage Essentials

Clear out that clutter and get your junk in the trunk as you maximise space, freshen the air with Poo Pourri and improve your cleaning routine with some of these essentials. We spend most of our lives at home, so surely you want to make the most of your living room, kitchen or bedroom? These cleaning and storage must-haves will help you organise your life and whip your belongings into shape.

Cleaning and Storage Essentials

Cleaning & Storage

Poo Pourri Toilet Spray


Cleaning & Storage

Cuisipro Foam Pump


Cleaning & Storage

Mop Shoes


Cleaning & Storage

Sofa Couch Armrest Organiser


Cleaning & Storage

Aspen Can Cooler (Purple)


Cleaning & Storage

Keychain Utility Bag


Genius Cleaning Solutions

We might still be a few years off hiring robots to clean our kitchens and bathrooms, but at least when you do have to get those marigolds on you can make those household tasks a little easier. Get multitasking with novelty cleaning products that will have you forgetting that mopping the floor was ever meant to be a chore. Or at least you could try to convince the person who's been given the job that it's a fun one...

Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

Some people fancy themselves as the next Gordon Ramsey or Nigella, others have a real Kitchen Nightmare every time they step foot in the room to make dinner. However we've all got busy lives and chopping, dicing and washing up could be made a lot easier if you upgraded your cooking with some of these quality kitchen tools for your home. Who knows, you might have a whole new lease of life with your culinary skills when you've got a few handy tools to help!

Get Storage Savvy

Storing doesn't end with boxes and cupboards. Oh no. We're talking about awesome inventions to keep your stationery organised, pictures on display and cookies in the cookie jar. From bags to bookends, find some innovative storage solutions for the office and home that will turn those piles of possessions into mini masterpiece displays in just a few clicks!

Become the domestic goddess or sophisticated gentleman that you never knew you had in you by purchasing a few cleaning and storage essentials to sort your life out from LatestBuy. We've got everything from the absolutely necessary to the downright novelty and unnecessary, to pimp out your home or workplace.