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OBDII Heads Up Car Display

Keep your eyes on the road!

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SKU: 15220

All drivers need to have one of these! The Heads Up Display relays data from your car’s diagnostic system and projects it onto your windscreen in real time. The colourful and informative display is directly in your field of vision so that you can safely read it and react. It gives you much more information than a flashing “Check Engine” light or your car’s usual displays can provide and you can view the data without looking down.

The Heads Up Display plugs directly to your car’s OBD2 (Onboard Diagnostics) system and displays data that is not typically available to drivers without specialised monitoring equipment. Information that is projected includes Speed, Engine Speed, Water Temperature, Battery Voltage, Fuel Consumption, Low Voltage Alarm, High Temperature Alarm and Speed Alarm. The Heads Up Display gives you important insights which will increase your safety by making sure you stay within speed limits and also allows you to know when there is a potential problem with your car.

What is an OBD II Port?

Found near the steering wheel under the dashboard, the OBD2/OBD II Port is usually black or white and it recognized by its 16 pins. The Heads Up Display plugs straight into the Port.

Order one for yourself and get one for all the drivers in your family! Car owners old and young, male and female will feel safer and more in control with the Heads Up Display!


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  • Please review your local rules and regulations on road use
  • Compatible with OBD2 equipped vehicles