Halloween2021: Ready, Set, Ghoul!

Like with everything else this year, the pandemic left its mark on Halloween. Parades, parties and haunted houses were cancelled due to bans on large gatherings and concerns that spooky celebrations could spread the coronavirus.

The pandemic has already played out like a horror movie script. But that doesn’t mean we have to ditch Halloween entirely. On the contrary, we need some fun — and as much as we can, we need to keep some traditions. We just need to do some tweaking to make Halloween not only fun but safe. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had to find new ways to do almost everything — and the same is true of this year’s Halloween celebrations. Christmas is even affected too. But don’t let the pandemic ruin every season we all love to enjoy! Gathering lists for Halloween fun and Christmas gift ideas should never be missed as well.

Keep calm, be safe and scare on!

Two mainstays of Halloween, trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, could be very risky this year. Going from house to house, sticking your hands in bowls of candy that many other hands have touched, or being close to people indoors or out, are all activities that could spread the virus.

This really isn’t the year for trick-or-treating but if you decide to take the risk, here are some ideas and tips, for keeping precautions in mind while you and your kids have fun this Halloween.

  • Mask Up for Safety

Substitute a virus-worthy mask, decorated to match the theme of your costume, since costume masks may not prevent spreading the virus. 

  • Plan treat-or-treating Ahead

If you choose to go ahead with the tradition, ask around in advance and find out who in your neighbourhood is planning to participate with the trick-or-treating. Ensure you and your children are physically distancing, wearing masks and practising hand hygiene.

  • Tricks for Treat Givers

Are you the one giving out the candies? Wear your mask, plus gloves, and toss the candies. You can also pre-fill the goodie bags for physically distanced pickup on a sanitised table. Look for clever ideas or other fun ways to get candy to trick-or-treaters while maintaining a physical distance.

  • Kids and Candy Collectors

Keep large groups of kids from crowding around the same door. It is also advisable to coach the children that if they encounter candy givers or other neighbours who aren’t wearing masks, wish them “Happy Halloween” and move on.

  • Handy Candy Tips

You may need to wash or sterilise candy wrappers. Hand hygiene is still more important. Remind children that they can dive into their treats only after returning home and thoroughly washing their hands.

Staying close to home this year? Virtual costume contests and other online fun are still the safest ways for kids to get together with their friends. 

For adults, you might also start your spooky searches online, to complete your Halloween collections!

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Carving pumpkins, decorating masks, watching movies and sharing funny, scary stories around the fireplace with family members can still make memories to cherish this coming Halloween.

More importantly, take plenty of pictures! This Halloween might be a little different as you take precautions such as mask-wearing, physical distancing, hand hygiene and avoiding crowds, but even while you’re staying safe, you and your children can still have great times to look back on in years ahead.

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