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Frying Gun Egg Stencil

Start the morning with a bang!

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SKU: 2258

If you like your eggs on the light-hearted side then the Frying Gun Egg Stencil is just the shot!

Shaped like a traditional six-shooter, it’s a brilliant weapon against boredom.
If you’ve got a family full of “aw, not eggs for breakfast again” whiners – the Frying Gun Egg Stencil will certainly make them think twice before making a complaint again, especially at that time of the morning.

If getting your children to eat eggs is mission impossible – then call in the big guns! With a Frying Gun Egg Stencil you are agent 007 in the kitchen – armed, dangerous and “licensed to fill, grill and thrill”.

Frying Gun Egg StencilTrigger some fun in the morning for those who have a bit of trouble waking up – when they comment on the shape of their egg, you can just look at them blankly like they’re seeing things and watch as their minds scramble. (It’s a bit like those who see the Virgin Mary in their toast!)

There’s no end to the puns you can dish up – “We aim to please!”, “you’re cooked”, “these should hit the spot”, and of course the obligatory “eggciting!” Feel free to poach some of these by the way.

Whisk up a couple of eggs for a gun omelette for guests and say it was pistol-whipped. Ok, sorry, they’re getting weaker now.

Order for yourself, your friends, your family (maybe even send a message to your enemies) – the Frying Gun Egg Stencil will be right on target!


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Product dimensions: 2(H) x 20(W) x 9(D) cm / 0.8(H) x 8(W) x 3.5(D) inches.

The Frying Gun Egg Stencil is made from stainless steel.

Features a small handle to lift the stencil when hot.

Not just for frying eggs, it can also be used as a cookie or pastry cutter.