Game of Thrones Book Timeline – A Comprehensive Guide

game of thrones book timeline

There is a chronological list of significant events in the A Song of Ice and Fire book timeline. These events occur in the first two books as we know them. From this information, some events are jotted down for future reference.


Book 1 

The book starts with the events of the Long Summer, in which Cersei Lannister flees King’s Landing. Theon Greyjoy and his fellow Ironborn join forces against Cersei and her son, King Robert. This kills his mother and sister while Cersei flees to the city of Pentos. Theon and his allies fight Cersei’s loyal guards and win.


Book 2

The next part of the book details the Civil War. This conflict involves the Dorne banners and the Red Wedding. Sansa, who was present at the Red Wedding, flees to the city of Stormwrack, where she joins up with Ser Lorath, Joffrey, and Tormen. As a member of the House Of Aerion, Sansa is responsible for the death of King Robert’s infant son, Prince Doran. Another significant event is the beginning of the Five Kings wars. Theon, Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella leave to seek out the missing Robert. At the start of the book, they join the forces of Aerion and take Robert’s infant son, Renly. He is soon named king after Cersei dies in childbirth. Renly is captured by Aerion’s men, who then proceed to burn the capital of Stormwrack. Renly manages to escape, but he is arrested by Brien, who then joins the Wildlings.


Book 3


The events of the third book take place during the War of the Roses. The Targaryens sided with the grejoyners, while the general allied with House Martell. After a lengthy war, the Targaryens eventually gained control over House Martell and became the most potent power in Westeros. However, they were not able to completely keep House Martell from pledging allegiance to the Targaryens.


Book 4

The events of the fourth book timeline are primarily located in Essos. A new central character, the Dornish prince Dragongos, arrives, and Cersei is forced to marry him. Cersei tries to convince him to leave the continent in the books, but he refuses, stating that his father, the Night King, raised him to rule as king. Following this, Queen Cersei consents to allow the marriage, and they immediately have a son, Renly.


Book 5

The fifth book in the series, A Feast of Crows, takes place in the Free Cities after A Feast of Roses, but before the events of the Game of Thrones take place. This book focuses on the rise of the wildling tribes of the Freys and the wildling lord Tyburn who unite against the Targaryens. The events of A Feast of Crows also occur during King Cersei’s pregnancy with her son, Renly. However, in the fifth book, it is revealed that Cersei was the one who decided to wed Tywin, as King Cerion did not want to risk the safety of his unborn son. Furthermore, the book timeline shows that Renly was not killed at the Red Wedding and was instead given a mysterious golden crown that he used for the next ten years.


The television series and the book series both contain a comprehensive timeline, which was designed by the show’s director, Robert Weiss. Weiss has taken the time to carefully create a detailed timeline for the events that occur throughout the show and all of its characters. In addition, he has taken the time to make a timeline that can be consulted for those unfamiliar with the characters and events. For many book readers, these are valuable tools that will help them better understand and appreciate the works. Game of Thorns, or A Song of Ice and Fire as it is also known, has a lot of history and detail that will provide fans with hours of entertainment.



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