Functional USB Gadgets for Work & Travel

Ah, the hallowed USB. This desktop invention has come a long way since first being introduced to computers, and now features in everything from plug sockets, as seen on TV exercise equipment in Australia to even the simplest of gadgets. As you’ll see from our gift guide below the possibilities are endless with a USB socket and a cable…


Novelty Desktop Devices

From speakers to mug warmers, LatestBuy has come up with a great list of ideas that can add some novelty to the office. Whilst some of them are just plain ridiculous gift ideas for the big kid and joker at work, others are genuinely useful desktop gifts that are bound to be the envy of the workplace. Sure, they won't make your day go any faster, but it might be a conversation starter at least? If you're looking for a corporate gift for your co-workers then this is a great place to start.

USB On The Go

Putting an end to that endless search for the right cables and adapters, USB sockets make charging your devices on a go a whole lot easier. After all, you wouldn't want to run out of entertainment on that long car journey. I mean, what did they do before mobiles were invented!? Find travel chargers, car adapters and travel adaptors below, a must-have addition to the basket for that next road trip or holiday.

Mix and Match USB Gadgets

Wireless is the way forward for electronic devices, which is why we feature a whole lot of gadgets below that simply connect to a USB port when they're running low on juice. From spy equipment to speakers, we're constantly adding the latest inventions to our site. But don't forget to pick up a USB adapter with your purchase to stay in charge of your cool gadgets for 2022!

Leave bulky plugs and cables in the dark ages and join the USB revolution with a novelty desktop device, travel adapter or wireless gadget from LatestBuy. Browse our collection to find some great gifts for geeks, and useful items for your next holiday or road trip.