Handy Tools & DIY Essentials

From putting up shelves to prepping meals, it seems that the older you get the more DIY and jobs there are to do around the house. But let’s be honest, a lot of us love any excuse to get the tools out and spend our Sundays making and fixing things. Or if you don’t, then you’ll love these tools simply because they save you time and energy!

Handy Tools & DIY Essentials

Become a Handy Man (or Woman!)

Practice makes perfect when it comes to DIY, but without any practice you certainly won't make perfect if you're unfamiliar with household chores. Get to grips with the basics and invest in some of these useful DIY tools and accessories and you'll soon learn the ropes and realise how easy it is to become a handy man or woman. A bad workman blames his tools, but if you have no tools in the first place then you won't tick those jobs off any time soon!

Cool Kitchen Tools

Tools is a broad term, and we're not just talking hammers and screwdrivers when we band it about. In fact, once you've finished browsing this gift guide, you'll realise that cooking is something of a craft, especially if you've got the right equipment. Whether cooking is your passion or just a necessity to get food on the table every night, save time and be bowled over by the possibilities of a few genius inventions for your kitchen equipment list.

Travel Essentials for the Journey

Even if you don't like to call one particular place home, you'll still find plenty of tools in this collection that can help you with your day to day life. From looking after your car to some great travel essentials for globe trotters, kit yourself out for the journey with the help of LatestBuy. We can't cure homesickness and speed up those long plane and bus trips, but we can give you a few little luxuries for the road!

From traditional tools for DIY to some more unusual inventions that you might not have seen before, we stock a huge range of handy accessories and tools that will put a practical spring in your step.