Exciting Eco-Friendly Ideas

You don’t have to be a tree-hugging hippie to care about the environment and the future of planet earth. Although good for you if you are! Put it this way, if you can have an awesome new gift that’s green and eco-friendly at the same time, the question is why WOULDN’T you want one of these presents!?

Exciting Eco-Friendly Ideas

Homemade Goodies

We all love a coffee to go or an ice cold smoothie, but if you think about how many millions – if not billions – of coffee cups and plastic bottles the world goes through from week to week, it's a frightening thought. Besides, have you ever stopped to add up your own spending on these takeaway beverages? Buy yourself one of our re-usable cups and flasks and save the planet as well as your dollars. Just be sure to invest in some nice coffee granules for once...Fair trade, that is.

Save the Planet

Nature is an incredible thing, and the fact that you can power a whole gadget from a few rays of sunshine might be hard to believe. But these days there is a whole range of solar powered devices that will help to cut down on our use of electricity. In fact, you can even get solar powered chargers to keep all of your gadgets full of juice! Whilst you've obviously already discovered the joys of shopping online, why not buy a few cooler bags backpack for life whilst you're at it, for those days when you do need to hit the supermarket or shops or get one of our red lunch bags for women to save money from buying plastic bags when packing your lunch, and do Mother Earth a favor to reduce waste.

Teach the Kids

If your kids are adamant that they hate school and they hate learning, then prove them wrong with an eco-friendly toy that will teach them the power of science. Check out our wicked collection of solar powered remote control toys, as well as nifty toys that run solely on a few drops of salt water! They'll be itching to go back to school and do their science homework in no time...or at least you can hope so. Send them off to school with our fun and colorful insulated lunch bags and cut down your usage on plastic bags when packing their lunch.

Go eco-friendly with some of these cool gifts from Australia, and you'll hardly even notice the difference when you discover how great these green products can be! Be sure to put these on your list of corporate gifts, but keep them off the list of hens ideas for Brisbane.