Digital & Analogue Alarm Clocks

If you have the daily battle with getting out of bed, invest in an alarm clock that will have you eager to get up in the morning from LatestBuy. From high-tech digital clocks to novelty alarm clocks, we’ve got it all.

Digital & Analogue Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clocks that Make You Tick

Alarm clocks inspire a surprising amount of variety of it comes to personal taste and requirements. Perhaps you're a fan of the good old traditional clock, or maybe you want to laugh yourself out of bed with the help of a funny alarm clock from our collection of novelty gifts. Whatever your preference, we've got an awesome range of clocks that will give you no excuse for sleeping over your alarm in a morning

Cool Features on Your Clock

Sure, there's nothing wrong with a plain and simple alarm clock, but when you can choose from themed alarmed clocks such as a Doctor Who TARDIS and Tetris Alarm Clocks, who wouldn't want to make an upgrade? We have a cool range of clocks that feature exciting things such as digital projections, flying abilities, and even spy cameras. No longer is a your clock a one trick pony, LatestBuy has seen the future of time.

Great Gift Ideas for Him and Her

With such a cool choice of clocks in our collection, alarm clocks also make a great gift idea for kids, colleagues and the whole family. So whether you're looking for a birthday present for him or her, or a fun housewarming gift for a friend, it's 'time' to show that special someone how well you know them by purchasing a clock that will make them tick.

Say goodbye to the days of waking up late or losing track of time during your working day by investing in a brand spanking new alarm clock from LatestBuy. From geek-friendly gadgets to cute clocks that look great on your bedside table, we've got a world of choice for telling the time your way. Just have a browse of our collection and find one that's right for you!