Fun 60th Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Fun 60th Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

When trying to find the best way to entertain your guests for your special 60th birthday, it’s essential to plan and get an organizer to help you organize the party to make sure you get the full service that you want on your special day. You need to do some planning and research ahead of time.

Celebrate a special 60th birthday with these unique entertainment ideas. For your birthday party, think about what theme you want to create. Here are several exciting and memorable party entertainment ideas to celebrate the special day of your life.


Bes ways to entertain your guests on your birthday.


Take a Print Party Favors

Celebrate your big 60th birthday with a souvenir that can be personalized. Take home a unique keepsake for your 60th birthday party. The perfect favour for a pool party or a gets together at the house.


Go Green with Aquamarine

Celebrate your next birthday party with the Aquamarine party favour. These transparent acrylic balls are filled with a fun aquamarine base that makes floating with them a fun family activity. The vibrant colours of the aquamarine shell design infuse all with fun, youthful energy.


Enjoy the Magic of Magic Lampoons

Celebrate a birthday party with the magic of a magic lamp. This party game is sure to create an unforgettable memory for everyone in the room. Match lucent beads with card stock backgrounds in the colour of the birthday girl or boy. Cut out fun shapes from construction paper and paste them onto the card stock as place card decorations.


Share the Joy of Gratitude with Gratitude Motivations

This excellent birthday party entertainment idea combines music, video and instant messaging into a single party experience. You’ll play a round of musical chairs as guests sing their favourite song, take part in a clapping contest, and have their picture taken with a balloon-related centrepiece. Instant messaging will provide updates on what’s happening at your party through text messages.


Have a Birthday Massage at the Sauna

Uniquely experience a sixty-year-old party by treating guests to a sauna themed birthday party. Guests can relax on blankets stacked high with towels while a professional masseur gives them body and face massages.


Make an Anniversary Video Tribute

Create a video tribute to someone who has touched your life for many years. Take a look back at this great birthday party entertainment idea. Have family members or close friends perform a favourite song or remember a time when they changed your life. This excellent birthday party entertainment idea is sure to create lasting memories for everyone in attendance.


Turn a Birthday Party Into a Family Affair with a Cruise

Plan a romantic cruise for two and turn your sixty years old birthday party into an intimate family affair. Sail away on a luxury liner filled with fun and adventure while your Mom and Dad celebrate another year of togetherness.


Throw a Tea Party for Moms and Dads

Throw a tea party for Mom and your other mommies and dads so that all of you can celebrate a fantastic event that the whole family will enjoy. Invite family and friends to bring over some teas and a cake to share while the celebration continues.


Rock Concert

This is another fabulous birthday party entertainment idea that will make your guests feel like they are at a rock concert. Ask the guests to dress up in their favourite rock clothing and bring a guitar or an instrument to play during the party. Choose music that fits the birthday theme, such as pop, rock, reggae, country, or alternative, so that the birthday party will be an accurate representation of rock and roll.


A Birthday is a Special Day

Everyone deserves to be remembered on their 60th birthday. A party is a way to say thanks and well wishes to someone. If you are looking for birthday party entertainment ideas, be sure to consider these great party ideas that will make your party incredible. Expect to get awesome 60th birthday gifts as well.

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