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Flytech RC Dragonfly

Featuring real wing action.

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SKU: 4948

Imagine a dragonfly – with a 40cm wingspan, flying around your lounge room. OK, now that all the insect-phobics have fainted – we’ll continue!

The makers of Robosapien now give you the FlyTech Dragonfly, the radio controlled (RC) ornithopter. That’s right, this Dragonfly flaps its wings – in fact, both sets of them! (We did think about including an Austin Powers style “Do I make you ‘orni baby..” line, but thought the better of it.)Wowwee Flytech RC DragonflyIt’s a remote control enthusiast’s dream come true. This aeronautical marvel can take off from any smooth surface. It soars, hovers, dive-bombs and with the right touch, it glides silently in for soft landings. Of course, the soft landings may take a little practice – but in the meantime, the RC Dragonfly’s crash-resistant carbon fibre structure will withstand many a collision.

Available in two frequencies, so you can get a couple going at once! The two channel digital proportional remote allows you to control wing speed and tail rotor speed…and there’s two flight settings – beginner and advanced, including a tail stabiliser for additional control.

Take it outdoors and the flying range is about 15m. Bring it indoors and the ultra-lightweight design means both it and your home are safe. Just watch its eyes with light-up LEDs – they blink, pulse or shine brightly to let you know the Dragonfly’s status. When it needs a charge, all it takes is 20 minutes – giving you a good 10 minutes flying time.

The FlyTech RC Dragonfly, it defies the laws of nature and rewrites the book on fun!


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The Flytech RC Dragonfly comes in a choice of two colours / frequencies (Blue-27MHz and Green-40MHz) so multiple users can operate in the same vicinity. Each Flytech Dragonfly can be toggled between two skill level settings (beginner or advanced) and includes a tail stabiliser for additional control indoors.

The RC Dragonfly has a wingspan of 40cm, has a durable but lightweight carbon-fibre structure, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (calm conditions only) and will reach speeds of up to 28km/h. Each unit comes with a detachable antenna, tail ribbon, spare pair of wings and a spare propeller.

The flying unit itself is powered by an in-built rechargeable lithium polymer battery (included), whilst the controller requires 6 x AA batteries (not included). The Flytech Dragonfly will operate up to 10 minutes on a single 20 minute charge. This product is recommended for ages 8 years and upwards.

Please note: This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts.