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Find It All Key Finder

Just find one to find them all!

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Ever since human beings have had possessions, we’ve been losing them – leaving our flint axes under rocks, misplacing our spears in woolly mammoths. As we’ve evolved so have our methods of finding these lost items. Now, with the Find it All Key Finder our keys, wallets and phones can actually find themselves!

Unlike other systems that are either a receiver or a transmitter – the Find it All Key Finder tags are both, so if you’ve got one, it will find the others for you. Clever huh?

The set consists of 1 sturdy key chain tag and 1 very robust flat tag, so you can attach one key chain to your keys and pop the flat tag in your wallet or purse (of course this is just a suggestion, it’s entirely up to you exactly where and on what or who you choose to attach them).

Find It All Key Finder

If you tend to misplace a lot more than just your keys, wallet and phone – then great news! The Find it All Key Finder system can be expanded to up to 36 items, an excellent idea for families and offices.

Remember the old “warmer/colder” game? The system also features proximity detection, in case your item is buried under clothes or papers (or your dog has popped it in a shallow grave in the backyard) – the closer you get to the item, the faster the light flashes on the tag you’re using.

Why not order the Find it All Key Finder before you lose your chance! Now, where did you put your wallet?

Find It All Key Finder


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Product dimensions (1 x key fob): 0.8(H) x 3(W) x 7(D) cm / 0.3(H) x 1.2(W) x 2.75(D) inches.
Product dimensions (1 x flat fob): 0.6(H) x 4.8(W) x 6.9(D) cm / 0.25(H) x 1.9(W) x 2.7(D) inches.

The Find It All Key Finder set includes 1 x key fob receiver/transmitter units and 1 x flat fob receiver/transmitter unit.

The fob is a two-way device, capable of signalling any other fob to beep and flash, helping you locate the lost item attached to it.

The flat fob comes with a lanyard and double sided tape for attachment to items such as a mobile phones, wallets, purses, bags, MP3 players, iPods etc…

To locate a missing object attached to a Find It All Key Finder fob, simply locate one of your other Find It All Key Finder fobs and enter the code corresponding to the item you are searching for. If the missing fob is within range (up to 10 metres / 30 feet) it will begin to beep and flash.

Find It All Key Finders also feature proximity detection, whereby the rate at which the fob used to locate another fob is flashing represents the distance between the two fobs. Therefore, the closer you get to a missing item the faster the LED light flashes.

Each receiver/transmitter fob unit requires a CR2032 battery (included).