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False Arm

The ultimate sight gag, prank or joke for pretty much anywhere

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 6311

LatestBuy Australian Exclusive Product
Have you clicked on “Add to Cart” yet? You’re kidding right? With just one look at this False Arm, surely its endless possibilities for mayhem flash before your delighted eyes. In fact, according to our rigorous testing here at LatestBuy, the average time between spotting the appendage, doing the inevitable double-take to snorting your coffee or soft drink out your nostrils – is 1.83 seconds.

Only those who have had a complete humour-ectomy could pass up the ultimate sight gag.

Let’s go through just a handful (sorry, couldn’t help it) of the opportunities for giggles. Of course, there’s the car boot, great for a little highway hi-jinx. The top of the piano – if you can engineer it to fall out while someone’s playing, that’s extra points. At work, there’s the filing cabinet, the lunchroom fridge, your desk drawers. At home, there’s the chest freezer, protruding from the couch, peaking from under the bed, from under the garage roller door – the list goes on and on and on.

Be prepared for the inevitable taunts of the fun police – juvenile, infantile, immature, puerile – just blow them a raspberry! Because you can be confident that they’ll be completely outweighed by calls of “classic”, “legend”, “hilarious” from those who have not lost their ability to laugh at a little bit of ‘armless (oops, there I go again) fun!

So now are you ready to order? Honestly, if you haven’t already added at least three False Arms to your cart between belly-laughs – check your pulse, you may just be dead!


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The False Arm is only available in a ‘left arm’ configuration and is about 370mm long.

Please note: This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.