Amazing Music Toys & Gifts

Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, heavy metal or classical music, Henry Wordsworth Longfellow hit the nail on the head when he said that ‘music is the universal language of mankind’. So if you’re searching for an awesome present for someone special, then music gifts are a great place to start. From speakers to novelty gizmos, we’ve got lots to choose from.

Amazing Music Toys & Gifts

Dive into the Disco

It's not only the Vengaboys who like to party. A few disco lights, a good set of speakers and some other impressive audio-visuals can make your party go down in history. Or at least make sure that it isn't a flop. Who needs a night club when you can get the party started in your own front room, with some of the gadgets and gizmos in this gift guide?

Magical Music Toys

If your little monster is eager to take up an instrument, give them a trial run to test their passion for music before letting them loose on the drums, piano or guitar (and forking out for lessons!). These cool music toys will appease their wish list for the meantime and give you chance to save up for lessons if they still don't stop pestering for them! But who knows, you could have a budding rockstar or concert pianist in the family...

Music & Mobile Travel Essentials

A journey without music or conversation is set up to be a boring one. So whether you need a quality Bluetooth headset for your daily commute or you want to add some bounce to your walk to work with portable beats, check out the music and mobile essentials below to keep you company on the move. Take some pocket sized speakers to the beach or park, so that you and your mates can share your favourite sounds wherever you go.

Let the music flow whether you're at home or on the go, by picking out some fun music toys and gifts for all ages from this funky collection. From great gifts for kids to cool gadgets for the rest of us, feel the rhythm with LatestBuy.