Man Cave Gifts & Ideas, Cool Memorabilia Collectables

Being a fan is pretty much a lifestyle or at least a hobby. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for someone and you’re not sure where to start, then their favourite movie, TV series or game is a great place to begin. Give them the next edition to their collection or start a whole new one, with some of the great memorabilia gifts hand-picked by LatestBuy.

Man Cave Gifts & Ideas, Cool Memorabilia Collectables

Doctor Who Collectibles

The Doctor has had a whole lot of sonic screwdrivers in his time, from the stylish but simple (well, by Doctor Who standards) to the out-of-this-world high tech inventions. This is just one example of the huge range of Doctor Who gifts and collectibles that you can choose from. Decorate your home, accessorise your outfit or make your desk more fun with these fantastic memorabilia must-haves from the series.

Sizzling Star Wars Gifts

Hot on the heels of the Doctor, Star Wars is one of the biggest film series of all time and has a fan base stretching through the generations (and probably galaxies too, but that's another story). Whether you've got an all-time hero from the movies or you're more a fan of the space ships and robots that make these fantasy films so iconic, you'll be spoilt for choice with our selection of Star Wars gifts.

Aaaand the Rest

Although Star Wars and Doctor Who might be some of our bestselling memorabilia, there's a whole range of collectibles from TV series, games and films from across the ages in this collection. From Tetris to the Big Bang Theory, Borat to Ted, you're sure to find something from their favourite films and games that will make them over the moon. We've got gifts for kids, adults, big kids, co-workers and pretty much everyone in this guide; in a few clicks you can have the whole family sorted with presents.

Indulge the geek within and pick out some great memorabilia gifts for someone special (or yourself!) by browsing this sizzling selection of official collectibles, from a range of popular programmes, games and films.