Emergency Traffic Cone On Sale

Emergency Traffic Cone

Inflates in minutes as a night time hazard light.

One of the best in car safety gadgets you can have with you, this Emergency Traffic Cone inflates in minutes and will also function as a night time hazard warning light.

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Product Description

It’s an immutable law of the highway – he who controls the witch’s hats, controls the traffic! Just a handful of these magic plastic pyramids and the powers that be can divert a freeway…Now, you can add it to your repertoire of road safety gadgets.

The proper name for this pointy little piece of power – is a “traffic cone” (yeah, we thought it was “witch’s hat” too!). This Emergency Traffic Cone can give you the visibility you need, right when you need it.

Remember, the more people who can see you, the safer you are.

This traffic cone is even more effective than the standard – not only does it feature two reflective yellow bands – but it also lights up!..and it blows up. They’ve really thought about this one! It’s inflatable, so when you don’t need it, it’s tucked beneath the seat or in the boot and when you do need it, it has a built-in hand pump that inflates it in seconds.

The Emergency Traffic Cone features a sturdy base that resists movement. Even without the flashing red LED light – it’s super visible. But when you activate the LED – you’re ready for whatever the highway holds.

Dads across the nation are slipping these into their kid’s cars!..and it sure beats waving your arms about, if you want to warn of trouble ahead. (It’s also great for a last minute costume, if you didn’t know that party was fancy dress!)

Protect yourself and the ones you love – order your Emergency Traffic Cone now.

The Emergency Traffic Cone is inflatable, orange in colour, has two reflective yellow bands and a hard sturdy base, comes with a flashing red light feature that can function as a hazard warning light at night and requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). It is designed to help alert motorists of trouble ahead and engineered for compact storage and quick set-up. A built-in hand pump inflates the cone in minutes and an air release valve permits easy deflation for flat storage under a car seat or in a boot. This inflatable traffic cone is intended as a temporary warning sign and should not be used for more permanent diversions of traffic. It is about 25 x 50 cm (inflated) and 25 x 5 cm (deflated).