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Electronic Rhythm Drumsticks

Drumsticks that don't need a drum. Holy cadooly!

Say it isn't so!

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Each of these wicked drumsticks a.k.a. Electronic Rhythm Drumsticks have a built-in speaker and when you ‘hit’ the surface with them, they make a great drum sound! Is it just us, or isn’t this like everyone’s dream come true?

You’d think so if the racket going on ’round here was anything to go by. Any time someone cracks a joke there’s a scramble for these virtual drumsticks so someone can do a drum roll and cymbal crash.

Switches on the sticks let you choose between a snare drum, a tom-tom and a cymbal crash – even the ends light up with each beat (vital for night drumming).

There are many, no doubt, that will wish these things came with headphones. Well tough, they just don’t understand that us drummers need to make a lot of noise. That’s the whole point of drumming.

If you only get one set of these, then you’re going to have a lot of fighting on your hands from everyone else who’ll be desperate to have a go.

Pa Ruppa Pum Pum!



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Electronic Rhythm Drumsticks require 4 x AA batteries (included) and measure about 35 cm in length.

One of the sticks features an optional background melody to play along to.