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Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt

With 4 sounds!

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SKU: 4956

Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt

Are you one of those people who feel the need to air drum to their favourite song? Are you constantly drumming on your desk with your pens or ruler? Well, stop it dude – it’s seriously annoying.

Why not get yourself an Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt instead? Yes indeed, you heard right. The Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt is a touch sensitive drum T-shirt with built-in speaker, so you can belt out a rampant rhythm that sounds just like the real thing.

The four different bongo sounds match the four different pics on your T. It’s so simple you could do it with one armed tied behind your back (no, that wasn’t a Def Leppard joke).

It’s awesome for parties! Forget beatboxing – the Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt is a great way to let the ladies break through that personal space barrier and touch your beautiful body (you sly dog). Get your mates together and get one each – you could be a whole percussion section!

Made from 100% cotton, it’s easy to clean. Just remove the small battery pack that powers the bongo sounds and gently hand wash.

Don’t have the cab fare home? No problems. Belt out a bongo beat at the taxi rank and busk for your fare!

If you’ve got music in your heart and rhythm in your soul – why not get a full set of bongos on your chest! Order the Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt, it’s a party stopper that’s hard to beat.


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Hit the bongo designs on the front of this T-shirt and they’ll actually play sounds through a built-in speaker. Each bongo plays a different note so that different complex rhythms can be played.

Made from high quality 100% cotton, Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirts are hand washable as the small battery pack that powers the drum sounds can easily be removed.

  • Medium: chest width 53 cm x length 74.5 cm
  • Large: chest width 55.5 cm x length 76.5 cm

Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included).