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Street Smart Utility Bags

Stand out from the the crowd.

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 5880

The trouble with bags and backpacks is they all look pretty much the same. (Hence all the colourful ribbons tied to bags on airport carousels!) The only trouble with this set up is that it’s great for would-be snatchers, because they snatch, they bolt and then they just blend into the crowd.

Street Smart Utility BagsWell, your Street Smart Utility Bag solves three problems – it’s highly visible so there’s no blending in, the shoulder strap is adjustable and allows you to wear across your body (let’s see them try and get it off you now!) and last but not least, it’s just so damn cool your cred will go through the roof!

There’s a Street Smart Utility Bag to suit your personality type – “Danger Danger”, “High Voltage” and “Police Line, Do Not Cross”. All three bags feature ultra durable canvas with movement resistant fabric to help keep your bag in place, adjustable high visibility carry strap, nylon interior, metal hooks for your keys, mobile phone or MP3 player and seven pockets (so you don’t have to dig for hours – or empty the entire contents to find your pen.)

Street Smart Utility Bags

A cool school bag, an excellent bag for uni and just think of the fun you can have on the train. When someone gives you a curious look you can choose your come back to suit your bag. Danger – “Oh don’t worry, it’s just a jumping spider, for a venomous spider display”. High Voltage – “I build up wicked static electricity”. Police Line, Do Not Cross – “I’m a Vital Evidence Courier. I think I’m being followed by the mob.” If that doesn’t get you a little more room, nothing will!

So choose your Street Smart Utility Bag – and prepare to be noticed!


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Only “High Voltage” style available.

Street Smart Utility Bags feature:

  • metal hooks for your keys, mobile phone or MP3 player,
  • adjustable carry strap,
  • movement resistant fabric to help keep your bag in place,
  • seven pockets; and
  • three funky designs to choose from.

Street Smart Utility Bags are approximately 25 x 35 cm in size and made from ultra durable canvas with a nylon interior.