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Poker Chips w/ Aluminium Case

Play like the pro's anywhere and everywhere.

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SKU: 14178

Sick and tired of lugging your change around to every Poker Night, only to be confronted with the possibility that winning the regular game of cards is gonna land you with even more hefty coinage?

Well now there’s absolutely no need to put up with this sort of nonsense anymore (and we’re not suggesting you bust into your local casino joint and raid their chip vaults either).

What we are suggesting though, is to get yourself one of these suave looking poker chip sets – the time it saves you in counting alone is well worth the small investment required…

…and with the robust protection of a solid aluminium case, your investment will last that much longer – so much so that you’ll forget what a nuisance Poker nights use to be.

The  Set even comes with a pack of playing cards, so you’ll never be stuck without an excuse for a game. With each casino chip weighing in at 11.5g, you’ll find handling these chips a breeze.

So stop fumbling, get one of these poker chip sets and give yourself the best chance of concentrating on winning those card games.



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Set comes complete with 200 11.5g professional weight poker chips, 2 decks of playing cards,  Texas Hold’em instructions all inside an aluminium carrying case.


Please note: This product is sold for personal use and its entertainment value only.