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Want to find some-zing unique for your friends or family when shopping online for presents? Make that health kick more exciting and choose a gift that keeps on giving with one of these infuser bottles and inventions from Zinger. Find a colourful selection of products from this ingenious brand below, and spread the word about their stonking ideas!

Water Bottles With A Difference

If you’re a firm believer that water is boring, prepare to be enlightened as you discover a whole new world of flavour with one of these brilliant bottles. Stay hydrated without relying on sugary drinks to get your flavour fix, by crushing and squeezing ingredients and ultimately pleasing your taste buds with a zinger bottle. Make homemade infused water with citrus fruits, berries, or whatever takes your fancy, and make being healthy fun for the whole family

Teach the Kids Some-Zing

Want to pack your kids off to school with a nutritious and healthy lunch box, but one that they’ll eat? Throw some vitamins into their drink bottles in Perth with one of these great water bottles that are designed for little ones. Let them choose their fruit – no sweets allowed! – and show that getting your five a day can be done in a fun way! A great addition to the wish list when searching online for back-to-school basics.

Zing Anything

Why constrain yourself to water when experimenting with the Zinger range? Infuse lemonade, make pungent flavoured vodka, or even pick out one of the salad dressing infuser bottles from this collection to make delicious toppings for your favourite dishes. Don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on bespoke water and exotic spirits, make your own, and wow your friends as you become the preacher of taste and a purveyor of flavour.

If you think these products look as amaZING as the LatestBuy team does, snap up a few gifts to give to your friends and family for the next occasion. And don’t forget to pick up one for yourself to get trying out your own concoctions!