Vin Bouquet Wine Gifts

You know what they say about jack of all trades – they’re usually masters of none! Which is why Vin Bouquet has set out its stall to specialise in the most important part of your day, the moment that you sit down with a glass of the good stuff in hand and relax. If you or someone you know worships fine wine, you’ll find a fantastic gift for them below!

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Tasty Bar Technology

There’s something of an art to serving up wine the way it should be drunk. You might have a few favourite bottles of the best stuff that you can pick out straight from the aisle, but are you serving them at the right temperature, and giving them enough time to aerate? We spend so much of our lives with a glass of wine in our hands, we should at least master how to serve it!

Red Wine Essentials

Stop making excuses about not having time to aerate your wine. If you really appreciate vino Tinto then you’ll at least show some respect for those vintage bottles of red that need a little patience to perform at their best. Vin Bouquet leads the way in a wine renaissance, with a modern twist on some of the classic bar basics that will help you aerate and filter your good stuff in style. And they’ll look great on the dinner table as a talking point for your guests!

Cool Wine Gifts

More of a chardonnay kind of guy? Or a sauvignon blanc sister? Keep your fine bottles of white cool…. But not too cold! Don’t hover around the fridge waiting for your wine chiller to be just the right temperature, Vin Bouquet has designed some unique wine gifts that will make sure it’s at the perfect level of chilled before you serve up to your guests. Ideal for self-confessed wine snobs who know a thing or two about their drink.

Guzzle those fine grapes with a touch of sophistication, whatever the occasion. Whether you’re grabbing a glass after work or showing off in front of friends, Vin Bouquet is a brilliant way to gain kudos as a wine connoisseur!